1. Accidental Product Manager by Dr. Jim Anderson
  2. Ask a good product Manager by Jeff Lash – Your product management questions answered
  3. Customers Rock by Becky Carroll – Blog about customers, their experiences, and how businesses can make sure their customer experiences rock!
  4. Good Product Manager by Jeff Lash – Blog with tips on product management and related topics. Written by Jeff Lash, a product manager in St. Louis, MO
  5. Lead on Purpose – Blog by Michael Ray Hopkin
  6. M4B Marketing Blog – Blog by Susan Oakes
  7. On Product Management – Blog by Saeed Khan
  8. ProductManagement on Alltop
  9. – Blog by Steve Johnson
  10. Silicon Valley Product Group
  11. The Cranky Product Manager
  12. The Productologist – Blog by Ivan Chalif

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