Bazaar Buzz – New title for the blog

Well I am not good at naming things and that becomes obvious given how many times I have renamed my blog. It started with “Temple of the customer” – agreed a mouthful, then went to a bland and generic “Voice of the customer”. I think I have finally settled for the new name – “Bazaar Buzz”. Why this name?

Being a marketer, “Bazaar” is what we called the market in India. Given that I am a bring proponent that the market does not live in spreadsheets or fancy powerpoint slides, but where real buyers shop (like the market shown below), I thought that would be a fitting word in the name for my blog. (Picture shown below is from wiki on Union Square Farmers Market)


Then I write about a lot of topics related to product management and marketing and hence the word “Buzz” (please don’t mistake it to represent buzzwords, because I am not a fan of buzzwords).

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