It is not what you say but how you say it !!

Have you seen the latest HP’s TV ad that features Burton snowboards? In the ad, the narrator  says ” … it still did not catch on, people just did’nt get it. Maybe it was not what we were saying, but how we were saying”. This is true with many products. Positioning messages are key for successful products. You got to simplify it so that someone who does not know much about your product, gets it.

McKinsey recently published an article on  “Crafting a Message that Sticks: An interview with Chip Heath” that talks about how executives spend months developing a great idea, but then just hours as to how to communicate the idea to their employees, customers or partners. Chip says “It’s worth spending time making sure that the lightbulb that has gone on inside your head also goes on inside the heads of your employees or customers.” Simplifying a message does not mean dumbing down a message, but capturing/highlighting the core elements of what you have to offer in a simple message that will stick.

How simple is your message for your products? Will it stick?

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