Charity by a crowd –

At the SHRM Conference in Chicago that I recently attended, had a huge booth in the expo hall. But they did something that I thought was outstanding. Apparently, Monster used to have a grand party for the conference attendees every year. This year, they decided not to do the party and instead take the money and give away a million dollars to charity. Wow !! Here is how they did it using Justgive:

  1. Every person who visited their booth got a Monster bead necklace – beads with 5 cool looking monsters on it (My kids love it).
  2. At the end of the necklace, was a nice looking card with a bar code.
  3. If you got the bar code scanned, you won a prize and also a donation card with an amount written on it – some got $75, others got $25 etc. The card also listed a bunch of charities you could donate the money to.
  4. You login to a specific URL and then enter the promotion code written on the card.
  5. You choose how you want to spend the money – all for one charity and split it between different ones.

The money came from the million dollars that Monster is donating. Now that is thinking out of the box! All these parties are great – open bar, lot of food. But we have enough of these. We eat, drink, have fun and then forget about it. But think about the impact that million dollars is going to make. It is going to feed someone who is justing looking for a simple meal not the calamari and the burgers, who is looking to drink a glass of clean water and not douse beers after beers. Thank you Monster for making a difference and giving me a role in this whole thing. Hats off to you !! Good companies always give back to the community !! Liked this article? Leave me comments – I would love to hear your thoughts – or get an RSS Feed to this blog at

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