I am presenting at BPMA – July 17th, 7pm

I am going to be presenting at the BPMA’s (Boston Product Management Association) event on July 17th. The topic is titled “What’s in it for the audience?” and will discuss how to do presentations effectively. I have sat through many awful powerpoint heavy presentations, have taken presentation training myself and have done a lot of presentations to both internal and external stakeholders.

While I do not consider myself a presentation expert, I intend to share valuable practical tips that I have learnt over the years on how to effectively do presentations, the mistakes I have made, the mistakes I see being made by a whole lot of presenters and how these can be avoided. While I do use Powerpoint, I tend to use it as an aid.

So if you are from the Boston Area or are in Boston, feel free to swing by to attend the event. You will also get to network with a good number of product managers from the area and many of them at least at the past events were also looking to hire new product managers.

When: July 17, 6pm
Where: Oracle Cafeteria, 10 Van de Graaf, Burlington

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