WebInno 18 from Web Innovator’s group

Couple of weeks back I attended the Web Innovator’s group event. The group has come a long way since last year – much larger room, more than 500 people (some very talkative ones who will not shut up in spite of pleas from the audience). Three main stage demos from all very early startups.

Times have really changed since the dot com era. All the three companies who demoed (Totspot, Zeer, Webnotes) were asked one question from the audience – how the heck are you going to make money? What a refreshing thought that startups need to make money to stay in business? Imagine anyone asking this before the big burndown earlier this decade?

Of the three companies, I thought Zeer and Webnotes indeed had something unique to offer. I would suggest you folks check them out.

If you were one of the attendees at the WebInno events and you were one of the talkative ones – here is a personal plea from me – please keep quiet during the demos purely out of professional respect and courtesy for these companies who have toiled hard to get their fledging products ready for this big show in front of a huge audience – would’nt you like this if you were in their shoes?

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