Product Review – Webnotes

I came across a cool little product called Webnotes couple of weeks back. It initially caught my attention when I saw it at the Web Innovator’s group meeting a few months back. Webnotes is a startup based in Cambridge, MA.

Basically, it allows you to annotate any web page using a highlighter and sticky notes and then easily share your annotations with anyone. The recipients does not need to download any software, the annotations just show up on the web page when they view the annotated web page.

I got it at the right time – I had to review a ton of pages of a new website and webnotes came in very handy. It has been a long time since I have said “Wow” when I have seen a new product and Webnotes did make me say it. The second test for any product is the reaction it generates when others see it. When my colleagues saw me using it, the reaction was “Cool” and “How can I get hold of it?”. So it is definitely a product that I think has a very good potential based on my usage and also based on the reaction it was getting from people who were seeing it.

I got a chance to sit down with Webnotes CEO Ryan Damico to understand what led him to create such a product and what lies ahead.

Here is my take:

  1. It is indeed solving a real world pain point, applications for usage are many. It has great potential.
  2. The Beta product had some bugs but the team was super responsive when I called to give them feedback.
  3. I strongly feel the product will sell itself, because it is so easy to use and share your work.

Challenges for Webnotes:

  1. Execute and deliver a robust product.
  2. Figure out how to create a business out of the product.
  3. Get the word out.

Ryan came across as very focused on making sure his team delivers a good enough product with minimal but usable feature set in first release and then getting market feedback to drive future product direction.

Folks, this product is worth giving a test drive. Keep an eye on Ryan and his team.

3 thoughts on “Product Review – Webnotes”

  1. Gopal, completely agree with you on the “Wow”. Ryan invited me to review the service on my blog and once I finally got the time to try it out, I was completely amazed. It really has the potential to make the web a more useful place, and I wish Ryan and his team all the best in getting their product out to the masses.

    If you would like to see my review you can see it

  2. Gopal, thanks for the great review. We’ve put a lot of work into our annotation, organization, and sharing tools, and I’m glad to hear that you’re putting them to use!

    As you know WebNotes is currently in private Beta, and I would invite all of your readers to sign up for our Beta registration waitlist and try WebNotes out themselves (we are sending out invites every few days). We are working hard to roll out a public Beta sometime soon, so keep an eye out for a series of product updates in the near future.

    Ryan Damico

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