Audience, GPS, Monkey – Three powerpoint presentation tips

I have written many prior posts on presentation skills and how not to use Powerpoint. I was recently asked to guest blog on Chris Brogan’s website. I decided to do this via a 6 min video.

BTW, Chris Brogan is the most social media savvy and super-friendly person I have ever met. If you are interested in social media or just in general how to share your information, you should be reading his blog.

4 thoughts on “Audience, GPS, Monkey – Three powerpoint presentation tips”

  1. Good advice and great video.

    I know the Public Speaking World Champion and one thing I learned from him was only use images in your PowerPoint slides, no text.

    And the images have to compliment the words you are speaking.

    Even better, don’t use PowerPoint at all!


  2. Thasnk Gopal,

    1) great advice
    2) great way to “write” this post with an embedded video.
    3) as an ‘earth monkey’ this really resonated with me.
    4) the message I took away, aside from your three things imagery, is “focus on the goal.” You start with the audience, and a focus on talking about what they care about. You critique your slides as a means to an end – the goal of the audience. And you add a monkey, to remind you to focus on the goal. love it.

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