Two words that will make you and your business better


We all are busy, we have all those emails to read, all those meetings to attend, all those conference calls we have to be on. We don’t have time. But, keep in mind that we have the thankyousame 24 hours that Albert Einstein had, Madam Curie had, Mahatma Gandhi had, Martin Luther King had, Richard Branson has. It is what we do with it that makes the difference.

But when we are on this treadmill that we cannot seem to get off, I think it will benefit us and others to take the time to say those two little words that will make you and your business better than what it is today – THANK YOU. Whether this is to

  1. Your wife who took the time to pick up the kids in the evening because your meeting ran over or
  2. Your kid who wished you good luck when you were going out for an important business meeting or
  3. Your family member who called to wish you good luck during your job interview day or
  4. Your colleague who picked up lunch for you or
  5. Your office manager who ordered all the office supplies you needed or
  6. The candidate who took his/her precious time to interview for a job in your company and did not get selected or
  7. The prospect/friend/customer who send you one of their ideas – independent of how good their idea is or
  8. The stranger at the mall who held the door open for you so that you could roll the stroller in

and the list could go on.

Saying Thank you does not cost you anything but if said correctly makes someone’s lives happier and makes you a PERSONAL human being (not just a professional one).  What do I mean by correctly? Don’t say it when you are rushing through to your next meeting, when you are rushing through the door. Slow down, STOP, look at the person and say Thank you with a smile. If you are not face to face (especially in the case of 6 and 7), call them on the phone – take the time to do it because they took the precious time to interview with you or write to you. Don’t use email unless you have 10’s and 100’s of Thank you’s to say. Yes, this takes time but who said building a good personal or business relationship is easy ? Is it something you can live without? In the interconnected world we live in, you never know who knows whom, who needs whom and when. No one has regretted on his death bed that he thanked people one too many times.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who read this blog. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave comments.

Now, go say Thank You to those who are helping you to have a great day. No one will be offended. They may not remember every instance when you said it, but those instances when you did not, will be etched in their memory.

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4 thoughts on “Two words that will make you and your business better”

  1. Gopal: ah yes, you are of course correct. Even if one has a cold and dark heart, it might be good to point out that nobody becomes AND STAYS successful by themselves. All of the people that you mentioned were able to inspire many to help their cause. Saying “thank you” is an easy way for product mangers to build the grassroots support that we will need someday.

    – Dr. Jim Anderson
    The Accidental PM Blog
    “Learn How Product Managers Can Be Successful And Get The Respect That They Deserve”

  2. Gopal,
    Excellent article. All too often people take niceties for granted. Manners tend to be under-used or forgotten all together.

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