Activity is not equal to progress

Lot of activity does not necessarily equate to progress. It sounds cliche but it is true. Just because one is busy does not mean one is making progress. Having focused goals and then making sure majority of the activities relates to those goals is paramount. Identify goals, create metrics to measure progess and then align your activities towards those goals and then measure progress. Otherwise, in this crazy digital world we live in, all we could end up is a long list of meetings we attended and the zillion emails we received and replied to. I have had such weeks where on Friday I have wondered what actually got accomplished. Every month keep a list of items that has added value to your product, company or yourself. After each year, do you have anything that you consider worth adding to your resume? After all, we all have a career to manage.

One thought on “Activity is not equal to progress”

  1. Have you been following me around at work – you have just described my job to a “T”. We are all running faster and faster for longer and longer, but are we any closer to our goal (or do we even know what the goal is)?

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