Started my new gig at Gazelle

This week, I started my new job as Director of Product Management at (aka Second Rotation Inc.) What do we do at Gazelle?

  1. We allow consumers to get cash for their used electronic gadgets such as cell phones, GPS, laptops, camcorders, MP3 players and even ebook readers.
  2. You can find out right on our site how much we will pay you and then if you accept our offer, we even pay for you to ship the item to us. If the item has no monetary value, we will even recycle it for you provided you send it along with some thing else that has a monetary value.
  3. We then find new homes for these acquired items to other consumers in the secondary electronics market.

We thus prevent these electronic gadgets from ending up in landfills. Want to know more and see if you can get cash for your gadgets? Check us out at – want to see how we all of this happens inside gazelle? – check out the nice slideshow on Gazelle put together by the Wall Street Journal.

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