Events force actions

Events force actions – this has been such a guiding principle for me that it has allowed me to get clarity when there is none, has kept me focused when I have been distracted by too many things to do, has helped me achieve something because the deadline is looming. For example, I am about to leave on vacation and the last two days have kept me laser focused on getting things done.

I have blogged in the past that everything needs a head and a date, otherwise it will never get done. So everytime, you think you or your team is not making progress towards your goals, create an event and drive an action towards it. The event is essentially a milestone such as an alpha launch date, beta launch date, a demo or presentation to the executive team or usability testing with customers. Once you have got others to commit time to an event, you or your team has to react and get moving. You will be surprised how such a simple action on your part can energize the whole team and get things moving.

Thoughts? Are there any additional ways you have energized you or your team to get moving?

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