Product Management vs. Project Management vs. Product Marketing

One of the common confusions that exist in the software industry are the roles of product management vs. project management vs. product marketing. There are different definitions depending on the vertical, company etc. Here is a set of slides that I have put together on the three roles.

Would love to hear what you think. Please share your thoughts via comments.

8 thoughts on “Product Management vs. Project Management vs. Product Marketing”

  1. Hi,
    excellent article Clear and simple to understand about product management,project management, product marketing thank you for sharing this ppt great help to me.

  2. Hi
    Thanks so much for drawing attention to the project, You make a good presentation. This is a good way to explain about anything. In product marketing, various types of roles play by the product manager such as:
    Information gathering
    Maintaining the online marketing items
    Product’s promotions
    Maintain the reports
    Then release the product

  3. Hi
    Thanks for making this presentation. Yes, I agree with you there are most of confusing between these terms. I was also confused between these, but your presentation helps to clear my confusions.

  4. Hi Gopal,

    Thanks for sharing this presentation. It really helps in understanding the three roles better.

    In your experience, how much time a product manager typically spends in Identifying, prioritizing and defining?


  5. Always an area of confusion. Both when all are done by one person (hard to get someone with these skills) or when split across multiple people.

    Also I would put to market sizing/segmentation/positioning elements more on the product marketing side. My experience is product managers coming out of sales are better at this versus engineer types are better at product strategy, what to build type work.

    A couple of older posts from me on related topics

  6. Would be interested to see how you would map the Agile Product Owner role onto these slides.

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