Transferring from Vox

For the last 7 months, I maintained a blog on Vox and now I am leaving Vox to start my blog here. If you want to find my old blogs, please visit them on Vox. The main reasons for me to decide Vox were:

1) Anyone who has to leave comments on my blog have to create a new account with Vox. That is not going to work for me. I cannot advertise my blog to others and have them comment on my articles with such a barrier to entry. Sorry, Vox does not get it.

2) There is no way to embed a video say from Youtube or GoogleVideo into the blog like I have done below. It has to be a hyperlink. Old style. OK, this is lesser of the two reasons.

So here, I am starting my third blog on the blogosphere. I did my research this time, and everyone I asked (so called experts on blogging) unanimously recommended WordPress (listen marketers – there is Word of Mouth for you)


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