Is Saas the real solution to address software piracy?

Software vendors have been struggling to find a solution to thwart software piracy with very limited success. Anywhere from 70-90% of software used in Asian countries like India, China, Vietnam and in the former Soviet republics is estimated to be pirated. There was nothing you could do when pirates made copies of packaged software and easily cracked the reg codes and other security measures devised by the software industry.

Now that software as a service (Saas) is picking up steam, would’nt this help thwart piracy? You pay for such software based on a subscription model and the software is hosted with the software vendor. You don’t pay, you don’t get to use it and this can be done easily by flipping a switch. You buy licenses for 10 concurrent users, the vendor can allow just that – 10 concurrent users.

Is this the nirvana that the software industry has been long waiting for?

One thought on “Is Saas the real solution to address software piracy?”

  1. exactly it can reduce piracy while delivering software as a service in online . i am researching on this topic for my dissertation under intellectual property laws. it would be great if you could help me out in this area.

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