Software Product Manager’s toolchest

I have been thinking lately of all the software tools and resources I use everyday to get my job done and to get better as a software product manager – here is my list in no priority order.

1) MS Office
2) Outlook
3) Google
4) GotoMeeting, Webex – to have customers take a look at early mockups, do usability testing, review comments on specs from customers in real time, webinars etc. – GotoMeeting rocks, webex and live meeting suck.
5) Photoediting software – Photoshop Elements, Paintshop Pro etc. – to do very quick mockups of concepts
6) Snagit – I can’t tell you much I love this tool

7) Websites – LinkedIn, ZoomInfo – get information on who’s who at a prospect or a customer

8. – to get customer contact info and understand what products has the customer bought etc.
9) Internal Bug database – report bugs, do bug mining before I land up at a customer site.

What I read regularly though not as much as I want:

1) Business Week
2) Fast Company
3) Enterpreneur
4) Ask a Good Product Manager blog
5) How to be a Good Product Manager blog
6) Ecommerce times

I would love to hear other great tools or resources you have found very useful as a software product manager.

One thought on “Software Product Manager’s toolchest”

  1. – Microsoft Live Mail (syncs contacts on various computers)

    – Skype with a Logitech Hi Def Web cam
    (I use this as my home phone system now for about 5$ a month for unlimited calling in US and Canada)

    – Microsoft Foldershare (awesome product for free)

    – Microsoft SharedView (screen sharing app for free)

    – Windows Live Photo Gallery (very nice photo app)

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