Surveymonkey messaging …..

I was checking out Surveymonkey to see if they have made any improvements since I last used it. Among the three survey tools (Zoomerang, Surveymonkey and Key Survey) I have used so far, Surveymonkey is the best hands down.

So what impressed me about Surveymonkey this time? Check out their top 10 reasons why you should choose the Monkey – do you see even one mention of a buzzword like enterprise, scalable, flexible, architecture, configurable etc. – NO, they speak like real people do – in simple sentences people can understand. Why? – because they have nothing to hide – they have a great product and they lay it out clearly in their messaging – how customers can buy without any commitments, how you can easily cancel, how well you will be supported, how they want to hear your ideas etc.

Surveymonkey, kudos to whoever wrote this masterpiece – give a pat on his/her back on my behalf. Other companies, take note and do the same. Your customers will love you because they will now understand you.

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