Has definition of leadership changed?

Has definition of leadership changed over the years – over the century? Countless books have been written on the concept of leadership – Amazon returns 263,761 results when you search for leadership – The 21 indispensable qualities of a leader, 21 irrefutable laws of leadership, leadership and the one minute manager and then another 263,718 more entries.

But who exactly is a leader? Have the skills needed by a leader changed over the years, over decades, over centuries? Tom Peters says it has not – his 4 minute video on this is worth watching (BTW, do you see a single Powerpoint slide in this video?). And I have to agree with Tom.

Good Product Managers exhibit strong leadership skills because they lead by influence and make their team members collectively achieve more than what each of them thought was possible.

One thought on “Has definition of leadership changed?”

  1. Gopal, This is a great video. The topic of leadership is so broad and deep and touches so many aspects of every organization. Two things in the video caught my attention: 1) Leaders are servants. 2) Great leaders help the people believe that “the sun will come up tomorrow.” They give hope to those whom they lead. The combination of serving others and giving them hope endears the people to their leaders. As Mr. Peters points out, principles of leadership haven’t changed since many years B.C. Environments, traditions and attitudes may change, but effective leadership principles are timeless.

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