Gas prices changing marketing?

The sky rocketing gas prices seems to have had an impact on marketing messages and offers.

Here are some that I have come across recently

1) Across town – message on a restaurant’s billboard – “Come in and have a juicy burger for less than a gallon of gas”

2) Goodyear enters you into a sweepstakes to win a $500 gas card if you fill out an online survey after they have serviced your car. What happened to those free trips to Hawaii? No one interested anymore?

3) Of course, the three year $2.99/ gallon gas offer from Dodge.

And did you notice that the prize for the All Star Game MVP was a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid that averages a whopping 22 miles a gallon (JD Drew will need a lot from those 70 million greenbacks to fill this one up) – what is next a Hybrid Hummer?

One thought on “Gas prices changing marketing?”

  1. Gasoline is reasserting geography as a barrier. Marketing needs to look back to the time when markets were local, and trains hauled everything to town. Since gasoline doesn’t really have an issolating effect on money, banking and the flow of money won’t stop within the boundaries of the local market, so don’t expect that we will go back to the time when local markets meant local wealth. The wealth is still going to be extracted and localized in the financial centers. It will be weird.

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