How “Human” is your business?

One of the wrong arguments you hear from businesses is “… but we are a B2B company and not a consumer company – so it cannot work for us”. But they forget that customer interactions in a B2B company are still between people. You are dealing with a purchasing manager, human resources manager, sales manager, CFO of companies – they are human as much as consumers are.

So how “human” is your company? How do you portray your company as “human” and not a “corporate” entity that has no soul?

Here are some good ways to do it in my opinion.

1) Presentations – if you are giving a presentation over the web, put your photo on the title slide – very simple to do, but puts a face in front of the audience, humanizes you and your company.

Gopal Shenoy
2) About Us on your company website – add photographs of not only just your executives, but also your employees. I love the way Communispace does this – see below. What messages does this send?communispace

  1. The company across as very personable and as a corporate entity.They are a bunch of people just like you and me.
  2. Smiling faces also indicate a good place to work for – important when recruiting people.

3) Add photos of your company events – picnics, dinners, other events where employees are having fun or add a blog which talks about your company culture. I love the way Zappos and does it. It again comes across as a great place to work, but also shows how employees are enjoying what they are doing.

All of this of course, assumes that you have a great product and a great customer service. Otherwise, you don’t stand a chance independent of how “humanized” your company looks.

What do you think? What are you doing to “humanize” your company or business? Have you found other good examples?

2 thoughts on “How “Human” is your business?”

  1. There’s another critical reason to portray your business as being “human” – and that’s recruiting. Something as seemingly trivial as having a bland, soulless website starts you off on the wrong foot in competing for the best talent.

    The effect is measurable, for those who live and die by ROI. How many resumes are you getting today? What % of them make it through screen/interview/offer? Now, humanize your site (at least your jobs page) and measure again. You may just find that a higher caliber of applicants are sticking around…

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