Did Mumbai graduate”Twitter” to mainstream?

Last Wednesday, Mumbai experienced one of the worst terrorist attacks (if not the worst) seen by India since its independence in 1947. 200 people were killed and over 325 were injured in the 60 hour carnage carried out Twitter logoby Islamic terrorists, with nexus to Pakistan’s ISI. The country and the world remained glued to CNN as it covered the attacks and the response by India’s National Security Guards for 3 days.

But in midst of all of this, there was this one little tool that kept people far and wide updated on the latest – Twitter. With 80 tweets every 5 seconds, mainstream media could not catch up. While the mainstream media was recycling the information they had already broadcast, Twitter was giving all of its members not only the latest but different perspectives as well.

Even CNN.com whom I commend for its continuous coverage of this event, summed it up; “It was the day social media appeared to come of age and signaled itself as a news-gathering force to be reckoned with.”

Did this sad and inhumane event help Twitter graduate to mainstream? I think it did. What do you think?

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One thought on “Did Mumbai graduate”Twitter” to mainstream?”

  1. Gopal, I have to confess I’m not yet on Twitter. The main reason is a fear of it chewing up all my time. This post, however, might just be enough to put me over the top. Thanks for showing the power of this technology phenomenon. -Michael

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